DIY Chalkboard Sandwich Lunch Box

DIY Chalkboard Sandwich Lunch Box

School. As in back-to-school. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. It seems every year school starts earlier and earlier. Our school year starts today. Can you believe that? I have to accept it, but I would rather lay in my bed drinking coffee than get up early to pack lunches. However, the show must go on, so why not have some fun with it! Last year I made some DIY Printable Lunch Box Notes & Jokes, but instead of printing on paper, why not use chalkboard paint to write your notes…Genius! I first saw this done from Dukes & Duchesses. I knew I had to do it for my must-take-lunch-instead-of-eating-school-lunch lunchers. Here is my version of a DIY Chalkboard Sandwich Lunch Box. It’s easy and pretty cool. Just make sure you hand wash. I know my little guy is going to rock 3rd grade, and now he will know it too!

diy chalkboard sandwich lunch box 4

What you will need:


1. Make your own chalkboard paint by following these directions from: Crystelle Boutique.

2. Using painter’s tape, tape-off the area where you want to paint.

diy chalkboard sandwich lunch box 2

3. Paint the taped-off section with your chalkboard paint using a sponge paint brush. This could take several coats, drying between each coat.

diy chalkboard sandwich lunch box 3

4. Once dry, write a fun, witty note to your child using chalk. Enjoy!

DIY chalkboard sandwich lunch box cover 2