15 Coolest DIY Boys Halloween Costumes -- Part 3

15 Coolest DIY Boys Halloween Costumes — Part 3

Here we go again. Time to help our boys figure out what they are going to be for Halloween. Below are 15 of the Coolest DIY Boys Halloween Costumes–Part 3. Surely, you can find something cool enough, funny enough or just easy enough for you both to agree on! Enjoy!

1. Olaf The Snowman Costume from Disney’s Frozen | Examiner


2. Pizza Costume | UCreate


3. Photo Booth Strip | Oh Happy Day

4. Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Rain | College Humor

5. DIY Ninja Costume | Cul-de-sac Cool (Me!)

6. Optimus Prime Transformer | ID Mommy

7. Cactus | CostumeZee

8. Lumberjack Costume | Make It Love It

9. Scuba Diver | Costume Works

10. Bowl of Spaghetti | Imgur 

11. Baseball Card | Costume Works

12. Jet Pack | UPROXX

13.  DIY Werewolf | The Celebration Shoppe

14. Spider Costume | Mad in Crafts 

15. Alien in his Spaceship | Costume Works

Need an easy, quick costume and don’t feel like making it? Check out Amazon’s Kids’ Costumes below: