DIY Photo Snowman Ornament

DIY Photo Snowman Ornament

One of my holiday traditions is to make a photo ornament for my kids and nephews every year. This year I came across a funny snowman ornament from Frou Frugal, that I thought could easily be adapted into a DIY Photo Snowman Ornament. I loved this ornament because it was a “disassembled snowman.” Some cutting, some pouring, some tieing and you’re done! I think my ornaments turned out adorable and the best part was they were super easy.

photo snowman ornament 7b - cover

What you will need:

  • Glass Ball Ornament
  • Epsom Salt
  • Funnel or piece of paper to make a funnel
  • Ribbon
  • Orange craft foam
  • Black craft foam
  • Photo with face about 1.5″ wide
  • Scissors


1. Using a paint pen, write a cute saying on the outside of your glass ball ornament. Let dry. Here are some saying suggestions:

  • Some Assembly Required
  • Do you want to build a snowman?
  • I Melt For You
  • Just Add Snow

photo snowman ornament 1b

2. Cut out just the faces of your photos. For my ornaments, I made sure my faces were at least 1.5 inches wide.

photo snowman ornament 4b

3. Cut a black hat out of your black craft foam.

4. Using your orange craft foam, cut out a carrot shape for the nose.

5. Cut a strip of 2-3″ long ribbon to use as the scarf for the snowman.

6. Fill your glass ball ornament using a funnel or piece of paper as a funnel with about 1/4 cup of epsom salt. I suggest doing this over a box, tray or bowl. It can get messy.

photo snowman ornament 8b

7. Rolling your photo face to fit, place in ball.

8. Next add your black foam hat, rolling to fit.

9. Then place your ribbon and carrot nose into the ball. Use your scissors, a pencil, a chopstick – anything slim and long that will fit through the opening of the glass ball ornament – to readjust your snowman parts as needed.

photo snowman ornament 6b - cover

10. Tie a ribbon to hang the ornament by.

You are done! You now have an adorable DIY Photo Snowman Ornament that will bring a few giggles to your tree. Enjoy!

Photo snowman ornament Collage