8 Cool Gifts for a Cool Mom (That I Wouldn't Mind Getting!)

8 Cool Gifts for a Cool Mom (That I Wouldn’t Mind Getting!)

Calling all moms! You need to forward this post to your families ASAP. Mother’s Day is not that far away. I have complied a list of 8 Cool Gifts for A Cool Mom. Yes, all of these items I would love to have (hint, hint), and I thought you might also.

It really couldn’t be any easier for your family to get you a gift. All the great products below can be purchased using Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, then you are missing out! For $99 a year, not only do you get to instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes, you can also borrow Kindle books and get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size). If you are interested, you can sign-up here: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. This, in itself, would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

Now on to the cool stuff. Families, take notes and start ordering something for your Mom today… OR YOU’RE GROUNDED!


1.  For the Mom Who Loves to Say NO!

My sister has this button. I’m very jealous of this button. It says NO 10 different ways…I know, a mother’s dream! It works on toddlers, teenagers and even husbands. It is hilarious to pull the button out at different times–if you need to lighten the mood or emphasize your decision, use your NO! button.

The NO! Button

No! Button

2. For the Cocktail Loving Mom

From Son of a Beach to Markerita to NO!Jitos, Mommy Mixology has a cocktail for every calamity. As a mother of three boys, calamities are a daily occurrence in my life. Sometimes you need a mommy cocktail and a funny story to get you through.

Mommy Mixology: A Cocktail for Every Calamity

Mommy Mixolgoy Book

3. For the Exhausted Mom

Ok, this is another thing my sister owns. I know, I’m the younger sister and may have some pent-up jealousy, but I LOVE THIS PILLOW. My sister calls it the “Napping Pillow.” Everyone wants to take a nap on it. I want one for my home too. Can someone please tell my family that I’m very sleepy and need a napping pillow?!

 Brentwood 18-Inch Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow, White

Brentwood Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow

4. For the Healthy Mom 

Lately I’ve been on a detox drink kick. Remember my Super Duper Detox Drink and my Strawberry and Cucumber Detox Drink? Both of these yummy detox drinks would work great with this fruit infuser water bottle. This bottle is durable, light weight and 100% BPA free. This is an easy way to start your healthy living by replacing your sodas with natural, detoxifying liquids filled with vitamins and antioxidants!

Savvy Infusion Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 

Savvy Infusion Fruit Infuser

5. For the Simply Stylish Mom 

I don’t know about you, but I seem to have one pair of earrings that I love and wear most of the time. I love the turquoise blue of these geometric stud earrings. They seem stylish, but simple. Perfect to wear with shorts or a cute summer dress. And wouldn’t you know it, there are two matching necklaces that would be perfect for this summer! The earrings are very affordable. The necklaces are a bit more expensive. Now I have to figure out how to talk the hubs into buying the earrings AND one of the necklaces. Oh wait, I gave birth to three of his children. I totally deserve the earrings AND a necklace!

Kenneth Cole New York “Sea Stone Beach” Geometric Bead Stud Earrings              Double Pendant Necklace | Geometric Mixed Bead Necklace

Kenneth Cole Sea Stone Beach Stud Earrings

6. For the Comfy (but Cute) Footed Mom

Just because you are mom, doesn’t mean you have to wear “mom” sandals this summer. Remember the days when you could run around wearing strappy, towering wedges everywhere? Those days may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looking cute. Enter the Yoga Sling Flip Flop. I can’t wait to get a pair of these! The footbed of these are made from a real yoga mat, which means they are super comfy. They’ve had rave reviews and come in a ton of colors and patterns.

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop

Sanuk Women's Yogo Sling 2 Flip FlopSanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop Example

7. For the Oily-Want-to-Be Mom

Are you a part of the oily trend? Essential Oils are everywhere right now. I have not delved into that world yet, but wouldn’t mind seeing what all the fuss is about. From aromatherapy to making your own cleaning products, this starter kit will get you (and me) off to a great start!

Starter Set 14 Gift Pack 100% Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oils Starter Set

8. For the Good Karma Mom

What goes around, comes around. To keep your circle positive, peaceful and loving, you (and I most definitely) need this Karma necklace. If your kids start acting up, just point to the necklace and say, “What goes around, comes around.” They will immediately stop acting up and become sweet little angels (results may very and are not guaranteed — lol). Besides the super powers of this necklace, it’s pretty darn cute. It would even look great with those earrings I talked about earlier (hint, hint).

Dogeared “Karma” 14k Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Necklace

Dogeared Karma 14k Gold-PlateNecklace

What are some of your must-have gifts this Mother’s Day? I would love to hear about them!!