DIY Dog Food Container from a Recycled Popcorn Tin

DIY Dog Food Container from a Recycled Popcorn Tin

I made a DIY Dog Food Container from a Recycled Popcorn Tin. I wrote about it over at Redefined Mom…

I’ve had this popcorn tin hanging out in my house since the holidays. It has an obnoxious party design on it.

Back in December, we were very excited about the popcorn tin and the popcorn that lived within in it. After a few weeks of over-eating popcorn, the popcorn was forgotten and the tin was moved from room to room.

At one point it became a landing-place for junk mail, a drum and even a weapon — boys will be boys. Now, several months later I need to get rid of the left-over stale popcorn and do something with this unappealing, metal junk-mail/drum/weapon object.

When my dog, Gigi, started growling at the popcorn tin, I knew what I needed to do. I was going to make a DIY Dog Food Container From a Recycled Popcorn Tin!

Why not paint it and store stuff in it — like dog toys or dog food! Brilliant. I threw out the old popcorn, much to Gigi’s chagrin, washed and dried the container then began the process of changing this ugly duckling into the queen of all dog food containers.

To read more and see the full instructions, please pop on over to Redefined Mom {HERE}, and check it out.

Easy DIY Dog Food Container Collage 1
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