Easy Mocha Pudding

Easy Mocha Pudding

Mocha Pudding is my hubby’s favorite dessert that his mom, Granny D, made him growing up. He loves it so much he doesn’t ask for a traditional cake for his birthday, he asks for Mocha Pudding!

It is rich and robust, chocolatey and gooey. When baking, the coffee settles to the bottom of the pan and turns into a yummy chocolate coffee pudding. The top of the dessert is a crunchy but moist, brownie-like chocolate cake.

Mocha pudding is perfect served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or eaten just on its own. In fact, it is such a simple recipe that your kids could help make it. Father’s Day is right around the corner. Why not celebrate how awesome your dad or husband is over a bowl of yummy deliciousness?! Sign me up!! 

Easy Mocha Pudding Collage

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Don’t forget to check out this Father’s Day card. It goes perfectly with the Mocha Pudding!

old, grunge wood panels used as background