DIY Sleepover Gag Gift

DIY Sleepover Gag Gift

Kids love gag gifts. I love raiding my recycling bin to make funny gag gifts. That is exactly what my son and I did for a birthday party sleepover he was going to.

DIY Sleepover Gag Gift collage

We dug out a cereal box from recycling. Stuffed it with tissue paper and our real gift. Tied the box up with ribbon then used a paper bowl and plastic spoon taped to it as the birthday card. We wrote a funny note on the bowl and then taped it to the top of our box. Easy, funny and no extra trips to the store for gift bags and birthday cards!! Enjoy!

What you will need:

  • Empty cereal box
  • Tissue paper
  • Paper bowl
  • Plastic spoon
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • Your gift

DIY Sleepover Gag Gift collage 2


1. Get a cereal box out of your recycling bin. Make sure it is free from cereal and crumbs.

2. Stuff the cereal box with tissue paper and your real gift. We were gifting a video game and bag of candy.

3. Tie the box up with a ribbon.

4. Tape a spoon on your paper bowl then write a funny note on the bowl.

5. Tape your bowl to the top of the box. 

What are some gag gifts you’ve used in the past?

DIY Sleepover Gag Gift cover