The Lesson I Learned in Washington D.C. Two Weeks Before the Election

The Lesson I Learned in Washington D.C. Two Weeks Before the Election

Recently, my hubby and I visited Washington D.C. I’m a huge history lover and have always wanted to go. My husband has been to D.C. several times with work, in fact, two years ago while in the D.C. area for work he was involved in a car crash that turned our world upside-down. D.C. may not hold great memories for him, but he has known that I’ve always wanted to visit. 


Well, the opportunity presented itself for us to visit D.C. for one day and evening a few weeks ago. It was a fast, windy and one of the most exhilarating trips EVAH! I cannot wait to go back.

I learned a big lesson there.


As we walked The Mall and saw all the amazing sights–the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam, Korean and WWII Memorials–we were surrounded by all types of people. We heard so many different languages. We saw people of every color, nationality, big, small, old and young. We saw people lined up to get photographs with D.C. police officers. On every corner people were taking selfies and pics with the monuments. Swarms of veteran tours were everywhere–some smiling and hugging, others quite and tearful as they sat in their wheelchairs. 


Our day ended in front of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture which is right in front of the Washington Memorial. It was too late to go inside. There was a vendor wearing a mohawk hat on the corner who had been selling food and drinks. He was pushing his cart past us as my hubby was trying to get a pic of me in front of the museum with the sunset reflected in the glass. The man commented on what a great picture that will be. My husband asked him if he’d been in the museum yet. The man said he had not, but he had heard that it was amazing and people come out with tears in their eyes. I commented how beautiful the outside of the museum was. The sweet man then said with his arms raised wide, “Isn’t this place beautiful. Isn’t America beautiful. The rest of the country needs to see this. They are all fighting over stupid things. We are so blessed and so lucky to live here.”

I couldn’t agree more. As this presidential election comes to an end next week and the political ads spread their negative wings wider, I’m going to remember my conversation with that D.C. vendor as I go vote.

America is beautiful. We are so blessed and so lucky to live here. All of us.