DIY Easy Cupcake Stand

DIY Easy Cupcake Stand

Is it just me, or has 2017 started off a little crazy? This January was tough with the election, my youngest breaking his collar-bone while skiing and several of us getting a super nasty virus. January really sucked.

Unfortunately for #2Son, his birthday is the end of January and ALWAYS SNEAKS UP ON ME!! This year he turned 16 and I wanted to do something special for his cake. “Special” meaning easy and last-minute because that is how I roll in January. So, I decided to make him a cupcake cake.

I have seen people make their own cupcake stands using 2 plates with a cup in between. I remembered I had these adorable turquoise nesting trays that I though would work great. And it did!! The cupcake cake turned out adorable and #2Son had a great birthday.

Thank you, DIY Easy Cupcake Stand, for making January not totally suck!

What you will need:

  • Large tray
  • Small tray
  • Glass (I used a pint glass)
  • Double-sided tape (optional)


1. Place your cup upside-down in the middle of your larger tray. You can use double-sided tape on the bottom and the top of the cup to secure it (optional). Add your cupcakes to the bottom tray.

2. Place your smaller tray onto of the cup. Add your cupcakes and candles. 

This cupcake stand is not only great for birthdays, but could be used for Valentine’s Day and other holidays and would be ideal for graduation parties too. Enjoy and my the rest of 2017 be a little smoother and sweeter!