EASY Napoleon Dynamite Costume

EASY Napoleon Dynamite Costume

Some days I feel super creative and want to create, create, create. Around Halloween, I usually get the MAKE-A-COSTUME-NOW bug. However, this last year I was immune to that creative virus. I really didn’t want to DIY my son’s costume like I’ve done for the past 3 or so years. What pushed me over the edge of not creating his costume myself, but just simply buying it, was that my youngest wanted to be Napoleon Dynamite after watching the movie.


I did a quick search on Amazon and BINGO, everything we needed for #3Son to become Napoleon was there…and it was cheap.

He was a big hit last year. Not only was he comfortable (t-shirt and jeans), but he truly became Napoleon. I may need to get this kid into some theatre classes.


What you will need:


1. Order your items from Amazon. 

2. Have your child put on their costume.

3. Take a nap, because you are done!!

Oh, and enjoy how adorable and funny your kid looks.