DIY Graduation Survival Kit for Parents

DIY Graduation Survival Kit for Parents

Last year, my oldest son graduated from high school. Remember all my sniffling, groaning and moaning about how much I was going to miss him? Well, I did miss him, but he had a great year and life became normal again for the rest of us. Now he’s home for the summer, which I love, but I’ve already had to go to the store multiple times for food and I’m buried in laundry. When does the fall semester start again?

Anyway, last year my sister made me a Graduation Survival Kit. I loved it, I used it, and, yes, it made me cry. This year, my sister’s oldest son graduated from college and her youngest son graduated from high school…all within 2 weeks of each other. She was a wreck, so I thought I would make her a DIY Graduation Survival Kit. She loved it and she cried also. 🙂

Whomever you make the kit for, make sure you know when the graduation is. Is it a day graduation? Then you might want to add sunscreen and deodorant. Is it a night-time graduation? You might want to add a little flashlight. Is it outside? You might want to add some bug spray and bottled water. What you fill your kit with is up to you and what you think would be helpful for that day, or could be used down the road. Once you have your kit items, package them up in a bag and print of the free printable tag I made. Attach with a ribbon and you are good to go!!

Congrats to all the new graduates out there and good luck to all the parents. You might be surprised when you cry and when you don’t. I was actually fine the day of graduation, but the few weeks after taking my son to college were hard. Lean on your family and friends and know that it will get easier!!  XOXO!!

What you will need:

  • Printer
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Graduation Survival Kit items

Items I used in my kit: Water bottle, trail mix, first aid kit, soothing facial mask, travel tissues, Advil, mints, travel deodorant and Tums.


1. Download this 8.5X11 JPG file (click on picture then save to your hard drive):

2. Upload file to a photo center like or Resize to 8×10 and then order prints.


3. Print this PDF file {DIY Printable Mom/Dad Graduation Survival Kit Tag} at home onto card stock.

4. Cut out your tags. Hole punch the top and tie to your bag with a ribbon.

5. Place all your graduation survival kit items in the bag and deliver with a hug!!