All I Want for Mother's Day

All I Want for Mother’s Day

All I Want For Mother’s Day…

  1. Time with my mom.
  2. Time with my kids.
  3. For my kids to stay healthy and live happy, productive lives.
  4. World peace.
  5. The end of hunger and abuse.
  6. Food to magically appear in my fridge.
  7. A good parking spot at Costco.
  8. A butler, maid, chef and chauffeur.
  9. To be completely done with laundry.
  10. For my dog to come into the house without poop hanging from her butt.
  11. A sparkly, clean house.
  12. A house remodeled by Chip and Joanna.
  13. To finally win the HGTV Dream Home only to then sell it because of the enormous property taxes, but at least I could say someone actually did win it.
  14. To get a spray tan that stays forever.
  15. To have a hairdryer/stylist robot from the Jetson’s.
  16. For my yard to be magically weed-free.
  17. For Kansas to be flanked by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, without earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, avalanches, mudslides or tornadoes.
  18. For Zumba to become an Olympic sport.
  19. To have a non-sport day (remember I’m a mom of three boys and a soccer fanatic husband…and I think we have 3 games this Mother’s Day).
  20. To teach my boys what my mom taught me: No matter the situation, the highs, the heartbreak, the struggles, we can get through anything together. Love (and laughter) binds us and will always get us through.

I’ve learned that I was put on this earth to be a mother. I love my boys with every molecule of my being even if none of the above happens this Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!