6 Free Websites to Entertain Your Kids During Your COVID-19 Quarantine

6 Free Websites to Entertain Your Kids During Your COVID-19 Quarantine

Well, this spring break may be the longest on record for you and your family. Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hitting America, most Americans are self-quarantined. Schools are closed, toilet paper is a hot commodity and our kids are bored and driving us crazy! Below is a list of websites that can offer your kids some educational entertainment, and maybe offer you a moment alone drinking coffee in your closet. Wash your hands, practice social distancing and above all, be kind!

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga (3yrs+)

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+. Helping kids to connect with their bodies and their minds. Just as it does for adults, yoga helps to improve kids’ concentration, balance, mood, strength, digestion. Free on the YouTube channel: Cosmic Kids Yoga.

2. San Diego Zoo Kids (3yrs+)

This is a great free website that offers interesting facts about the animals that live at the San Diego Zoo. There are live cams and other videos, stories, activities and games. Plenty of educational, cool content to keep your kids busy for awhile. Website: San Diego Zoo Kids

3. Duolingo (4yrs – Adult)

Duolingo is one of the most popular free online tools to learn a new language. It’s really simple to use. You set up a profile, choose your target language, set your weekly goals (only if you’re brave enough) and off you go! Website: Duolingo Apps: Apple or Google Play

4. Scratch (K – 12 grades)

With Scratch, you can program and code your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century…and it’s free!! Website: Scratch

5. #metkids (7yrs – 12yrs)

With #metkids, discover The Metropolitan Museum of Art for free Whether you’re in New York City or across the globe, you’ll get to: Explore The Met using an interactive map, watch behind-the-scenes videos , travel through more than 5,000 years of art in our time machine, discover fun facts about works of art—from dragons to dancers, and from mummies to masks and more! You can also try out creative projects for at home or in the galleries. Website: #metkids

6. MathGames (PK – 8 grade)

MathGames includes an interactive set of games and assessment-style questions that are aligned with Common Core State Standards and is free. Skills range from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Parents, caregivers, and teachers can sign up for a free account by entering an email address and then adding classes and students. Kids can then access assignments by logging in with a username and password. Users can search the games and interactive questions to create assignments, and searches can be filtered by grade, skills, or CCSS. When kids log into their student accounts and complete assignments, progress reports are automatically generated. Website: MathGames

Please, tell me, what are some of your kids’ favorite websites? Leave a comment below and let me know!!!