How to Stay Positive During COVID-19 Quarantine

How to Stay Positive During COVID-19 Quarantine

1. Go for a walk.

Get outside, but keep practicing social distancing. Move your legs. Breathe in the fresh air. Say “hi” to your neighbors who are out (from a distance). Do this everyday you can.

2. Keep a schedule.

Wake up when you normally do even though you aren’t commuting to the office, but heading to your dining room to work. Shower, make your bed. When the kids’ online school starts up you will need a schedule!!

3. Hug your family.

Hugging your loved ones boost your oxytocin, which is the hormone that bonds people and has a calming effect on the body. When your oxytocin spikes it tells your body to switch off cortisol, the stress hormone. Let the hugging commence!!

4. Take a break from the news.

Too much negative news can be depressing. During crazy times like these it is easy to keep the news on all day. Limit your news to once a day. After you watch it, turn it off. Go for walk. Clear your mind.

5. Be kind.

Being kind to others makes all of us feel better. Tell the grocery or healthcare worker you appreciate them. Check in on the senior citizens in your life to make sure they are okay or if they need anything. My sister dropped off a dozen donuts on our porch for St. Patrick’s Day. It made our day!

6. Exercise.

This useful source suggests people to exercise daily. If you are a gym rat like me, you will begin to miss the gym. We need to keep moving!! There are so many routines online these day. FaceTime with a friend and workout together. Get your family together and do a 20 minute HIT workout or yoga.

7. See the good in others.

It is easy to only see the negative. It takes some work to find the good. It is there. Seek out the good in others and tell them “Thank You” and “I see you.” This is also a great time to reconnect with people in a positive way through social media.