40 Things I've Learned Through My 40 Years

40 Things I’ve Learned Through My 40 Years

A birthday eve blog…sorry for all the cliches, but they are so true….

1. I do believe in love at first sight…it happened to me.

2. I still feel like I’m 16.

3. I’m in better shape now than 10 years ago.

4. Family is where my heart is.

5. You don’t have to be related to be family.

6. My kids bring me so much stress and joy at the same time.

7. It’s okay to say no.

8. I think I’ve lived many lives.

9. The grass isn’t always greener.

10. It’s okay to have brown grass.

11. I’m addicted to bargains.

12. I hate doing bills…and laundry.

13. A good dinner, good conversation with good friends is a trifecta.

14. My Hubby gets hotter every year.

15. As a parent, I’m learning everyday…some good lessons, some not so good.

16. If you say, “I would never parent that way” you will eat your words eventually.

17. It’s okay to be a stay-at-home mom.

18. It’s okay to be a working mom.

19. Finish what you start. [This is hard for me because I flutter from one project to the next].

20. It never hurts to ask.

21. I’m more confident now than 10 years ago.

22. I’m amazed by my kid’s talents.

23. I have a temper.

24. I love working out with my work-out buddy and bestie/sister of 11 years, Amy.

25. Travel is hard work, but so worth it.

26. Anxiety and allergic reactions suck.

27. The cup is half FULL.

28. I love soccer.

29. I love boys.

30. It’s okay to be good at several things then amazing at one thing or vice versa.

31. You don’t have to like or get along with everyone.

32. You don’t have to be friends with everyone.

33. God invented highlighting to cover grays.

34. I’ve learned to be a good skier.

35. My sister is my best friend.

36. Sometime I have to remind the little girl in me that it will be okay.

37. Star Wars had it right, good always comes out of bad.

38. Rock, paper, scissors is a fine way to make decisions.

39. My past has brought me to my present and I wouldn’t change a thing.

40. According to Oprah, I can’t wait until I turn 50 because she says its even better than 40. Yikes!

I’m sure I’ve learned more…but my memory just isn’t what it used to be.