Scrabble Art Wedding Gift

Scrabble Art Wedding Gift

A wonderful friend and a wonderful cousin found each other, fell in love and decided to get married. We couldn’t have been more happy for them. They each had children from previous marriages, so I wanted to create a gift for them that included their kids…Scrabble Art.

Supplies Needed (I found most at my local craft store, Michael’s):

  • Shadow Box Frame (I got one that hinges open, much easier)
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Wood Glue
  • Sand Paper
  • Fun and Interesting Background Paper (I used scrap-booking paper)
  • Scrabble pieces from a Scrabble game (I stole mine from my kids, but I did replace with a new game from Target…you can buy just Scrabble pieces from if you plan ahead. I don’t plan ahead so I stole.)

First, you measure your paper and cut it to fit. Mine happened to fit perfectly without cutting. I’m awesome like that. I took my paper outside, turned it over on the grass and sprayed the back of it. Then, very carefully, brought it back inside and placed it, glued-side down to the back of the shadow box. Easy peasy.

Next, you layout your scrabble pieces. I tried different word arrangements until I found exactly what I wanted. I also added their wedding invitation. Once you have the layout just like you want it, one by one you pick a scrabble piece, lightly sand the back of it, wipe clean and then put a dab of wood glue on and place on your shadow box. This actually goes fairly quickly. I also used the spray adhesive to adhere the wedding invitation. I loved the way it came out! I then made a gift basket filled with “family” stuff like: the scrabble art, family photo frames, a scrabble game of course, DVDs, a big popcorn bowl filled with popcorn and popcorn flavorings and all kinds of movie candy.

I liked this so much, I decided to make another! I have a dear friend getting married in May so I decided as a wedding shower gift to frame her invitation with scrabble art. Her invite was longer, so I got a long,skinny shadow box that hinges open in the front. I picked out some pretty background paper and used the scabble tile holder along with some scrabble pieces that spelled out ‘I Do.’ You use all the same techniquices, spray adhesive for the background paper and the invitation and then sand and wood glue for the scrabble tiles and tile holder. Viola! Adorable scrabble art from the heart!