Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter


Dear People Who Design Refrigerator Water Dispensers,

I must call to attention a disservice your industry is making to mankind, womankind and people-kind. Your Elfin-sized designers apparently think they are designing for Gnomes who only consume a small amount of filtered water out of tiny cups. We, super-sized Americans, love our big jugs, tumblers, Big Gulps filled with lots and lots of water.¬†When we are filling these large vessels they do not fit under your poorly designed water dispenser. Instead of filling up our children’s soccer practice water jugs, we are watering our newly cleaned wood floors. Our wood floors will not help hydrate our children. Crisp, clean filtered water from our refrigerators will.

So, in closing, I plead with you to fix this ‘not so small’ problem. Don’t listen to what your Elfin girlfriend has told you. Size does matter!


A Very Thirsty and Sick of Cleaning Up Water on the Floor Mom