A Mentos Moment. What's in your purse?

A Mentos Moment. What’s in your purse?

I’m in my car a lot. From school drop-offs to pick-ups, errands, soccer practices and let’s not forget taking my hubby’s work badge up to him because he forgot it…again. Since I’m in my car all the time, I have to have a big enough purse to carry my life. While I sat at my oldest son’s school waiting to pick-up, my tummy growled. I had nothing in my car to eat. I started rummaging in my purse past the coupon flyers and bulging wallet, my tampon case and under my zip-locked inhalers and epi-pens. Then, in between my Kindle Fire and my dead Ipod Touch (which has been overtaken by my youngest and is only ever given back because it is dead),  I see it. Could it be…could I have forgotten about my last role of Mentos? I reached in with my shaky hand and pulled out a complete roll. Not a half eaten with gross purse crumbs on it roll, but a sparkly, minty, complete roll. Sure it had a gum wrapper stuck to it, but other than that it was perfect. I sat in my car, popping one Mentos after another with a Cheshire smile on my face. Sometimes it’s the little moments that mean the most.

What little moments do you have in your purse? Are you very organized and neat and have a tiny purse? Or, are you a hot mess with a suitcase purse filled with everything and the kitchen sink? What must you always have in your purse? Let me know.