DIY Printable "I am Fortunate" Teacher Gift Tag and Gift Idea

DIY Printable “I am Fortunate” Teacher Gift Tag and Gift Idea

The dreaded end of the year TEACHERS’ GIFTS…What will you get them? Do they need more Post-It notes or nicknacks for their desks? Probably not. Would they like more children’s art to display in their homes? My guess is no. What they would probably like is a gift certificate for lunch. This I can do. We have a Pei Wei, an Asian Diner, near our school. I purchased a $10 gift card. I asked them if I could also have some fortune cookies and chop sticks. It never hurts to ask. They said yes and gave me a take-out container to put all the goodies in and a menu. Viola! An adorable gift was made. To top off this great gift I have also designed some free printable gift tags. If you don’t have a Pei Wei near you, you can always go to your nearest Chinese Restaurant and see what they will offer you with a purchase of a gift card. Enjoy giving your gift that looks really crafty, but was so simple. Your teacher, friend, or special someone will appreciate the gesture and maybe invite you to lunch!

Print this:

I am Fortunate Gift Tag Template


  • card stock
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • cool ribbon

1. Print on card stock

2. Cut on dotted lines

3. Hole punch end

4. Tie with cool ribbon to gift

5. Make them smile