You Know You've Been Married a Long Time When...

You Know You’ve Been Married a Long Time When…

You are reminded it’s your anniversary by reading your hubby’s Facebook status.

You buy a new dishwasher as your anniversary present…and you are really excited about it.

You go to Costco to get your anniversary dinner gift card because it will save you $20.

Your anniversary restaurant happens to be closed because it is Memorial Day, so your gift card goes unused.

You instead go to North Restaurant and have your 20 minute wait turn into over an hour wait.

You leave North Restaurant then end up going to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and have a great meal with a great guy.

You realize from dishwashers to Costco to fancy restaurants to taco shops that you are more in love with him today then you were 18 years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Honey!