DIY Kid Artwork Storage Solutions

DIY Kid Artwork Storage Solutions

Now that school is over, I’m sure your little munchkins brought home lots of school papers, projects and art from the past school year. The hoarder in me wants to save everything, because I hate throwing things out, especially if they have a memory attached to them. I thought I was being very organized when I bought a big tub for each of my kids to store their “special” things from school in. I try to only keep the good stuff, but it’s hard. Nevertheless, their tubs are overflowing! Now we have a basket on a table in our upstairs hallway called the “Basket of Life.” This basket is the overflow of special papers, art and projects that have not made it into my kids’ tubs. I keep meaning to go through it, but haven’t made the time.

I need to refine my kid’s school paper and artwork storage system. This is what I came up with:

Frame your child’s most beloved artwork. I have done this. I framed my boys first finger paintings and then as the years went on, picked out their best work, framed them and put them above my kitchen cabinets. This may not be for everyone, but I love an eclectic look. You could also do this in a hallway, stairway, bathroom or even a laundry room or rec room.

Use a storage tub per child to store their art, sculptures or other projects that you just can’t get rid of. Make sure you only store a few things per year (this is very hard for me), because it adds up fast.

Take a picture of your child holding up their artwork or project, then “dispose” of the artwork (preferably not in front of your child). My friend suggested this, which I thought was brilliant. The artwork will be digitally preserved and your “basket of life” won’t be overflowing like mine.

Celebrate and remember your kids’ creativity, but don’t become the next episode of “Hoarders” on A&E. Good luck, I know I’m going to need it!