"Mommy, why are Auntie's boobs so much bigger than yours?"

“Mommy, why are Auntie’s boobs so much bigger than yours?”

A friend who lives somewhere on this planet, told me this hilarious story. I have changed the names and locations to protect their identity…innocent or not.

My friend, let’s call her “Marigold,” was swimming in a pool with her two children. Marigold’s sister, “Auntie Chrysanthemum,” was visiting. Auntie was floating on a pool float when Marigold’s daughter turned and asked Marigold a question, “Mommy, why are Auntie’s boobs so much bigger than yours?”

Marigold was not expecting this question. How to answer her sweet child? Should she tell the truth that Auntie had a procedure done to enhance her chest and risk Auntie being very upset because she didn’t want the kids to know? Or, tell her child something else to protect the secret, but still get a sisterly dig in. Marigold decided on the latter.

“Well, sweetie,” said Marigold, “when you are very young like you and I, your boobs are small. When you are very old like Auntie, your boobs are big. The older you are, the bigger your boobs get.”

Marigold is several years older than Auntie Chrysanthemum.

“Oh!” exclaimed Marigold’s daughter. “I knew it!”

Marigold said she looked over at Auntie Chrysanthemum and smiled. Auntie was not pleased. She just floated and glared, floated and glared.