DIY Purse Jewelry Key Catcher

DIY Purse Jewelry Key Catcher

I don’t know about you, but I live out of my purse. When you live out of your purse, you don’t want to carry a cramped studio apartment, but a large, roomy penthouse. I’ve talked about my purse before here, A Mentos Moment. What’s in your purse?, and all the stuff I lug around in it. With all this stuff, things get lost in the depths of my penthouse bag…like my keys. I can never find my keys, so I’ve decided to make a DIY Purse Jewelry Key Catcher. Hopefully with this chic thingy-a-bob, I will never be keyless again.


  • Climbing Clip or Carabiner (I stole mine from my son…you can find these at Dollar Stores, hardware stores, sporting Stores and some craft stores)
  • Ribbon
  • Wood beads
  • Jewelry charm (from Michael’s craft store jewelry department)
  • Wire pins or just plain wire (also from Michael’s craft store jewelry department)
  • Pliers to manipulate wire pins or wire
  • Scissors to cut ribbon


  1. Cut ribbon to desired length.
  2. Tie ribbon on to climbing clip.
  3. String wood beads on to ribbon.
  4. String wire pin (or plain wire) through jewelry charm.
  5. Attach jewelry charm to climbing clip using wire pin or plain wire. Viola!

Now you have an adorable Purse Jewelry Key Catcher. Attach it to your purse strap. You can either just use it as jewelry or clip your keys to it when you’re not using them. You’ll never lose your keys again!