Confessions to the Dentist and Good Teeth Genes

Confessions to the Dentist and Good Teeth Genes

Yesterday I took all three boys and myself to the dentist. It was for our 6 month check up. I have always hated going to the dentist. I do brush my teeth twice a day, but I’m not a flosser. I know I should, but I save my flossing for the week before my dentist visit. They always tell me I need to floss more and I always say I will, but I don’t, because I’m lazy and have good teeth genes. My sister hated me growing up because I didn’t brush very often and didn’t get any cavities, while she brushed all the time and still had some cavities. Like I said, I was blessed with the good teeth gene.

My children have been blessed with this gene too. Only one of them has had a cavity and it was in a baby tooth that has fallen out, so he gets a second chance at living the cavity-free life. I tell my kids to bush, but I don’t monitor it–remember I’m lazy.

Well, the dentist came out to talk to me today–never a good sign. He had just examined my youngest. “Crap, ” I thought. “What did he do now?” The dentist kind of snickered and said that my youngest told him he only brushes his teeth once a week.

“Really? Only once a week?” asked the dentist.

“Yes,” replied my youngest. “I’m not lying.”

The dentist then told me that my youngest ratted out his middle brother and said he did the same thing, only brushed his teeth once a week

The dentist and hygienist thought my youngest’s honesty was refreshing (and very funny), but told him to brush twice a day. My middle son is extravagantly planning the many ways he’s going to torture his little brother for ratting him out. I’m going to try to monitor my kids brushing more closely and floss more often.

Yeah, we know that’s not going to happen. Good teeth genes, remember?