DIY Eye Ball Bounce Halloween Game

DIY Eye Ball Bounce Halloween Game

Do you need an easy and fun game for your next school Halloween party? Well, here you go! Grab a box out of recycling, some plastic cups and ping-pong balls and you have a DIY Eyeball Bounce Halloween Game that will keep your trick-or-treaters busy for most of the party! Enjoy!!


What you will need:


1. Either cut or pull-apart one side of your box.

2. In a well ventilated area, spray paint your box white. I just painted the inside of the box.


3. Once your box is dry, write point numbers on your cups and then hot glue them onto the bottom of the box.


4. Using a black and red permanent marker, make your ping-pong balls into eyes. 


How to Play The Eyeball Bounce Halloween Game:

1. Mark off a line for the kids to stand behind.

2. Standing behind the line, have each kid during their turn bounce their eyeball and try to get it to land in a cup. Each kid gets three chances (three ping-pong balls) per turn. Have the kids add up their points after each turn then return to the back of the line.

3. Once everyone has had a turn, the kid with the highest number wins!

4. To make it more fun, you could also add little prizes into the cup for the kids to win. You could also do a speed round.