5 Ways to Not Be That Mom

5 Ways to Not Be That Mom

From the PTA to boardrooms, from gyms to grocery stores, we can all relate to these moms. In fact, there is a little bit of each of these women inside of us. The trick is to find ways TO NOT BE THAT MOM. [Note: You can replace the word mom with: co-worker, neighbor, or friend.]

1. The Hit and Run Mom: This is the lady that runs up to you and spouts off a random story out of the blue that has nothing to do with what you are doing, saying or thinking at the time and it usually is shocking. For example, as you are browsing the grocery aisles, she may pop-up beside you (hit-and-run moms don’t walk, they pop) and tell you that she got a bikini wax in the shape of a star. As soon as you begin to process this information, she’s off to her next victim in the bread aisle without waiting for a reply.

How not to be Her: Before you approach someone, make some noise so they know you are coming–clear your throat, shuffle your feet, tap the other person on the shoulder. Once you have that person’s attention, start with “Hello.” After that you can share your shocking Brazilian star story.

2. The Totally Business Mom: This mom loves to lead, control and dictate. She heads up all the committees and loves to delegate work to her minions. This mom doesn’t have time to chit-chat about anything off-topic. Socially she scares people because of her scowl and mom jeans.

How not to be Her: It’s great to lead committees, not dictate them. Include “the people” in decisions and smile a bit. Start your meetings with a joke or ask how everyone is doing. Loosen up and buy some modern jeans.

3. The Ditzy Doris Mom: This person lives in a happy daze. She floats through life in a bubble. Information has a hard time getting through this bubble leaving Ditzy Doris “less informed” than other moms. She tends to forget things and can’t be counted on, but always has a smile and is just so darn cute.

How not to be Her: Make sure your feet are on the ground and that you have an emergency plan to pop your ditzy bubble–for example: make a reminder list, have your friend call you to remind you or do as your kids do and write reminders all over your arms.

4. The  Judgie Judy Mom: This lady loves to talk, gossip and eat rumors for breakfast. Her favorite part of her friends are their backs, because she loves to stab them. She is an information horder and will store, retrieve and fire off this information when you least expect it to help her rise to the top of the mommy gang.

How not to be Her: Be nice.

 5. The Debbie Downer Mom: This mom is a big-time bummer. She loves to point out all the bad, negative, wrong things in life. Her glass is not half full, but half empty and it’s her fourth glass. This mom is a mood killer. As soon as she walks into a room all the jovial, happy banter is sucked away into her sponge-like depression.

How not to be Her: Where bright colors. Start exercising. Take up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to do. Go on a vacation. Watch Oprah. Go to therapy. If none of these work, medication.