10 Reasons I'm Thankful

10 Reasons I’m Thankful

1. I’m thankful that my Hubs and I no longer have the same hair style.

2. I’m thankful that my Dad is cancer-free.

3. I’m thankful that my family are my friends (usually) and my friends are my family (on occasion).

4. I’m thankful that my kids each have a great sense of humor.

5. I’m thankful that I have a home even though I want to divorce it sometimes.

6. I’m thankful that you can have meatballs for Thanksgiving, not just Turkey.

7. I’m thankful that my Father-in-law is feeling better and is fly-fishing again.

8. I’m thankful that a few people other than my family read my blog (Thank you, Readers!).

9. I’m thankful that my Hubs noticed me across the college cafeteria all those years ago.

10. I’m thankful for my crazy, boring, exciting, painful, stressful, beautiful, love-filled life and that YOU are a part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving! Now go eat some turkey…or meatballs if you’re my sister :).

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