Homemade Donuts...Jealous, Homer Simpson?

Homemade Donuts…Jealous, Homer Simpson?

What does a quirky boy want for Christmas? A donut maker in the shape of a donut of course! This Sunbeam Donut Maker¬†was at the top of Son #2’s Christmas list. It was inexpensive and cool so it had to be purchased. I’m glad I did. Just this weekend Son #3 had a friend spend the night and they were dying for donuts. I can be lazy every now and then and did not want to trudge out in my PJs in the cold to buy donuts for the “bottomless pits.” Then I remembered Son #2’s donut maker. The donuts are fairly easy to make and are yummy. We have only made the chocolate chip donuts, but there are many other recipes if you are more adventurous. We also haven’t iced our donuts…I know, boring…but my kids don’t need more sugar and I’m lazy, remember? This was a great gift that keeps on giving and one that would make Homer Simpson jealous, D’oh!

“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do? ”

– Homer Simpson

donut 10

donut 2

donut 3

donut 5