10 DIY Modern & Cool Valentine's Day Wreaths

10 DIY Modern & Cool Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Here are 10 DIY Modern & Cool Valentine’s Day Wreaths that are simple and unique. Enjoy!

1. “XO” Valentine’s Day Wreath by ME…Cul-de-sac Cool!

I made this wreath last year after seeing it on Pinterest. I bought two store-bought heart-shaped berry wreaths from Target in their value section and deconstructed them. I made the “X” by cutting two straight sections from one wreath then using a twist-tie to tie them together. The other heart wreath I shaped into an “O.” I then used ribbon to attach them together and to hang the finished wreath to my front door. It was very simple to make and I think it turned out sweet!

xo wreath

2. Framed Heart Valentine’s Day Wreath by Organize and Decorate Everything

3. Hug and Kiss Valentine’s Day Letters Wreath by Tell it to Your Neighbor

4. Chic Valentine’s Day Yarn Wrapped Wreath from Me Oh My

5. Valentine’s Day Book Heart Wreath by Flower Patch Farm Girl

6. Gumdrop Valentine’s Day Wreath by Sweet and Lovely Crafts

7. Chevron Burlap Valentine’s Day Wreath by Decorating the Ville

8. Valentine’s Day Rag Wreath by The Happy Runner

9. Paper Heart Valentine’s Day Wreath by The Hybrid Chick

10. Heart Argyle Valentine’s Day Wreath from Mine for the Making