8 Cool Gifts for a Cool Dad--Part 2

8 Cool Gifts for a Cool Dad–Part 2

Having a hard time figuring out what to get your dad? Never fear, I’m here with 8 Cool Gifts for a Cool Dad–Part 2! You’re welcome.

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For The Tech Dad

1. Swann Customizable Wireless Music Doorbell with Built-In 90MB Memory  ($40 from Amazon)


Your dad can program 25 of his own theme songs to play whenever someone rings your doorbell. This could be really cool or really embarrassing.

For The Adventurous Dad

2. Liquid Image Underwater Video Camera Mask  ($73.99 Amazon)

Your dad will look cool wearing this video camera embedded into a snorkel mask for easy “Hands Free” photography while he is swimming and snorkeling to 15ft/5m deep.

For The Kid-at-Heart Dad

3. Djubi – the Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch ($24.95 Amazon)

 You will never get your dad inside once he starts playing this game. Hook it, launch it and catch it! Combining sling shot, ball and net, Djubi (pronounced joo-bee) takes the old game of catch to a fun new level.

For The Green Dad

4. Comic Book Plantable Paper – The Gardener ($9.30 Amazon)

Inside the comic-book jacket are two sheets of plantable paper filled with herb or wildflower seeds ready to sow. Now your cool dad can catch up on his comic book reading while giving back to the earth. It’s a win win.

For The King of the Grill Dad

5. Kansas City Barbecue Sauce KC Combo Pack, Deluxe Gourmet Box Set ($72.00 Amazon)

Is your dad King of the Grill yet? If not, he will be after he uses some of these tastiest BBQ sauces from Kansas City.

For The Beer Lover Dad

6. Susquehanna Glass Moustaches Grand Pilsner Glass, 20-Ounce, Set of 4 ($29.99 Amazon)

What better way to hide your Dad’s beer mustache then with a beer glass mustache! He’ll love these quirky glasses while he sips his brew.

 For The Giving Dad

7. Make it easy for your dad to give back. Set up a folder on his computer or iPad with these charitable links in them. With a few clicks, he will be helping. (FREE!)


FreeRice.com: When your dad has some free time have him play the vocabulary game at Free Rice and donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme for each correct answer. It’s free because it is funded by sponsors who advertise on the site.


Care2.com: With one click per day through Care2 your dad can help fund organizations like Children International which uses advertiser money to fund different causes.

 For The Rocker Dad

8. Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System ($33.99 Amazon)

Now your cool, rocker dad can really embarrass you while he rocks out! This karaoke system has powerful speakers built into the base. It can connect a keyboard to play with the band and has one dynamic microphone included.