9 Easy Family Halloween Menu Ideas

9 Easy Family Halloween Menu Ideas

The night of Halloween can be hectic. Whether you are having a Halloween party at your house or just want to spookify your family dinner, these easy menu ideas will help make your Halloween dinner fun and Boo-licious!

halloween menu ideas


1. Guacamole Vomiting Pumpkin from AmeesSavoryDish.com

If you don’t feel up to carving your own pumpkin, then check out this Halloween Pumpkin Bowl!

2. Veggie Skeleton from TipJunkie.com

What better way to serve your veggie skeleton, then on this fun tray: Halloween Hands Off Tray.

3. Mozzarella Eyeballs from Macheesmo.com

This platter would be perfect to serve your mozzarella eye balls on: Monster Mash Mummy Appetizer Plate with Toothpick Holder.

Main Dishes

1. Goblin Chicken Chili from Me…CuldesacCool.com!

I make this every Halloween. It is by far one of the best chicken chili recipes ever! I’m always getting requests from people to make it. Now normally I call this Most Awesome Chicken Chili, but for Halloween, I call it Goblin Chicken Chili.

You can serve your chili in these spooky cauldron bowls. Check them out here: Bayou Classic Gumbo Bowl.

2. Mummy Dogs from OurBestBites.com

Serve your mummy dogs in this cute Halloween Mummy Section Server.

3. Homemade Halloween Pizzas from RustyandRosy.com

These plates are a must-have for your Halloween pizza: Halloween Skeleton Ceramic Plate, 8 Inch.


1. Earwax Lollipops from SaucysSprinkles.com

To make these Earwax Lollipops, you need some Lollipop Sticks!

2. Apple Snicker Nachos from IowaGirlEats.com

This is an adorable set of napkins, plates and cupcake toppers that would be perfect for these desserts: Dessert Plates, Napkins and Cupcake Toppers Halloween Celebration Kit.

3. Halloween Donuts from LoveZilla.net

To make your vampire donuts complete, don’t forget your Vampire Fangs!

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!