Household Tipology -- DIY Tub & Shower SCUM ELIMINATOR

Household Tipology — DIY Tub & Shower SCUM ELIMINATOR

Is your bathroom plagued with dirty soap scum and tub and shower buildup? I can tell you, mine was. I used every product under the sun trying to find something that would make this chore easier. Not only would I spend a big wad of money on these products, but I was slowing killing my lungs from all the fumes while cleaning. I looked to my Magic 8-Ball (Pinterest) and settled on a recipe from Coupon Cutting Mom. You only need 2 ingredients, white vinegar and liquid dish soap. I did some household mixology and viola! I have discovered the best DIY TUB & SHOWER SCUM ELIMINATOR ever!

DIY Tub & Shower Scum Eliminator 1

DIY Tub & Shower Scum Eliminator 3

What you will need:



1. Heat vinegar in microwave until hot (around 2 minutes) and pour into a spray bottle that will at least hold 24 ounces.

2. Add the liquid dish soap. Put the lid on the spray bottle and gently shake to incorporate. The liquid will expand so make sure your lid is on tight.

3. Generously spray your tub and/or shower with the SCUM ELIMINATOR. For dirtier tubs or showers, spray your shower then sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of your tub shower and let the SCUM ELIMINATOR/baking soda mixture sit for 1-2 hours before you start scrubbing. Scrub until it shines, which for me didn’t take very long, then rinse.

4. If you have any mold issues in the caulk around your shower or tub, fill a spray bottle with equal parts bleach and water. In a well ventilated room, spray the area with your bleach/water mixture. Wait a bit, then rinse. Reapply if you need more.

DIY Tub & Shower Scum Eliminator Collage 2

That’s it. You now have a sparkly tub/shower, your lungs haven’t exploded and you saved some money and the environment! You rock!!

DIY Tub & Shower Scum Eliminator Collage 1