DIY Funky Memo Board

DIY Funky Memo Board

What does ever mother want for Mother’s Day or every tween, teen or college student want for their birthday, dorm room or just because? You guessed it–a DIY Funky Memo Board! You can clip cute pictures, funny notes and maybe even some shopping money to it as a fun way to give a cash gift. I even think a 40-something-old mother who has a blog and loves DIY would like this (hint, hint)! Also…a special thanks to my bestie for the photos. Her daughter received this Funky Memo Board as a gift from her sweet friend. If you can’t tell, I’m very jealous :).

Let’s breakdown this adorable memo board to figure out how we can make one…

diy funky memo board 6

What you will need:

  • Old picture frame or new one if you are desperate (glass removed)
  • Funky fabric scrap
  • Twine or string
  • Clothes pins
  • Photos, money, notes, scrapbooking elements (whatever you want to clip to the board)
  • Craft glue or double-sided tape


1. Remove the glass from your frame.

2. Cover the frame backing with your fabric. Glue down or use double-sided tape.

3. Lay 2-3 strands of string or twine across the width of the front of the fabric-covered backing wrapping string ends around to the back. Glue the string ends to the back of the fabric-covered backing.

4. Insert fabric-covered backing into frame.

5. Using clothes pins, clip photos, money, notes, scrapbooking elements, or whatever you want, to the board.

There you go! Now it’s time for you to admire your creative work and decide if you really want to give this as a gift or if you will end up “gifting” yourself :). Enjoy!

diy funky memo board collage