Colin's Face on Everything! Unique Gifts and a Good Laugh Guaranteed!!

Colin’s Face on Everything! Unique Gifts and a Good Laugh Guaranteed!!

This is not a sponsored post…because I’m his MOM! The only payment I received for this post was a slight hug and a very messy room finally cleaned.

My middle son, CH, has started his monopoly of the world. Somehow, this smart (and very funny) 13-year-old, has always had the ability to lead others…and by lead, I mean, he supplies the grand idea then has everyone else do most of the work while he “oversees” and directs. I think most of his wheeling and dealings was learned from trading in used video games at  our local GameStop store. He will walk into a GameStop with a few games, his rewards card, a coupon and his wallet. He comes out with 3 used games, 2 new games and a candy bar. How does he do it?! A couple of months ago, I heard from the kitchen, “You can be my secretary and set up my Twitter, Jack. You do know how to do that don’t you? Then you can…” When I went into the kitchen, there was CH with gaming headphones on in front of the computer talking to his best friend while making a website. “What are you doing, CH?” I asked. “Starting a t-shirt company, Mom.”

Colin's Face On Everything The Beginning

That was how Colin’s Face on Everything (CFOE) started. There are unique gifts for anyone from your grandma to your dog. You can check out his website here:

Colin's Face On Everything Website 1

CH is raising money to go to England next summer with his soccer team…

All proceeds of my CFOE products are going towards my 2015 Summer England Soccer Trip with my team. Once my soccer trip goal is met, then proceeds will go towards college…and maybe a new pair of Sperry’s or a video game.

Colin's Face On Everything Website 3

So pop on over and see what Colin has to offer you. You are guaranteed a good laugh and some pretty cool swag. Let the COLINIZATION begin!!!

Colin's Face On Everything Website 2