DIY Star Wars Chewbacca Gift Bag Tutorial

DIY Star Wars Chewbacca Gift Bag Tutorial

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the Star Wars phenomenon that is happening all around the world with the latest movie release. All of my boys, including my hubby, are Star Wars cray-cray right now. Star Wars was even the theme of our family holiday card this year (you can check it out HERE)!!

So with all this Star Wars love, it was inevitable for my youngest son to get invited to a Star Wars themed birthday party. To go along with the Star Wars theme, #3Son and I decided to make a DIY Chewbacca Gift Bag filled with a gift card and some Star Wars goodies as a present for him to give to his friend at the party. Didn’t it turn out adorable?!

DIY chewbacca gift bag 29 Cover

This gift bag can also be used as party favor bags for your kid’s next birthday party or you can use it as a fun lunch bag for school. With the easy to follow tutorial on how to draw Chewbacca, your kids would love to help you make these bags maybe as a party, school, camp or just because craft. The possibilities are endless!

What you will need:

DIY chewbacca gift bag 1

  • Lunch paper bag
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scissors


1. Fold the top part of your paper bag down about three inches. This will be your face of Chewbacca.

DIY chewbacca gift bag 2

2. Make the top corners rounded.

DIY chewbacca gift bag 3

3. Cut a zig zag pattern on the bottom of the face portion to resemble fur.

DIY chewbacca gift bag 4

4. Draw the shoulder belt on the body.

shoulder strap

5. Draw the nose and color it in.


6. Draw the eyes and color them in.


7. Draw the mouth and color it in.


8. Draw the fur face lines.

fur face lines

9. Draw the hair lines on Chewie’s forehead.


10. Write a funny saying on the back.

message on back

11. Fill your gift bag with gifts or goodies.

DIY chewbacca gift bag 22

If you need more help, I watched a video from Draw So Cute on how to draw a cute Chewbacca. You can watch the video {HERE}.

That’s it! You’ve just made the cutest DIY Chewbacca Gift bag that will be a big hit at any party! In the great words of Chewie, “Aaurgghaah!”

DIY Star Wars Chewbacca Gift Bag Tutorial Collage