DIY Jimmy Fallon Costume

DIY Jimmy Fallon Costume

“Everyone looks so much better when they smile.”

– Jimmy Fallon

My youngest, #3Son, wanted to be Jimmy Fallon for Halloween. He loves making people smile just like a certain wacky talk-show host.  Making this costume was an easy challenge I gladly accepted and I think it came out AWESOME! Enjoy!!


What you will need for the desk:

Desk Instructions:

1. Spray paint your box brown, which is your desk. Do as many coats as you see fit making sure it is dry between each coat.


2. I couldn’t find a light enough coffee cup, so I made one out of a styrofoam cup and a paper straw. I cute two holes in the cup on one side and inserted the straw to make a handle. I then spray painted the cup black. Hot glue your coffee cup to one side of your desk.


3. Next, I made a microphone out of a styrofoam ball and a toilet paper tube. I painted the ball silver using craft silver glitter paint and I spray painted the toilet paper tube black. Once each is dry, I hot glued the ball on top of the tube. I then cut a slit in the bottom of the toilet paper tube and spread the sides to make it easier to glue the microphone down to the desk. Cut more slits if needed to get a good angle for the microphone. I used hot glue and black electrical tape to secure the microphone.


4. Print off some The Tonight Show logos off of the internet. Print a big one for the desk and a small one for the cup. Cut out and then glue the big one on the front of your desk and the small one on the front of your coffee cup.


5. Finally, I grabbed a strap off one of our duffel bags and attached it to either side of the desk. I cut two holes on either side of the desk and clipped on the strap.


What you will need for the mask:

  • DIY Printable Jimmy Fallon Mask (see below)
  • Sunglasses
  • Scotch tape

Mask Instructions:

1. Download and print this 8.5×11 PDF file (DIY Printable Jimmy Fallon Mask) at home onto card stock or photo paper.


2. Download this 8.5×11 JPEG file {click on picture and save to your computer}.

DIY Printable Jimmy Fallon Mask

3. Upload the file to a photo center like or, crop to 8×10 and order your print.

4. Once you have your print, cut out Jimmy’s face and his eyes. I know, seems kind of morbid! Next, tape the mask to the front of a pair of sunglasses lining up the eye holes with the sunglass lenses. Easy peasy!!


Once you have your desk and mask made, make sure your child wears true Tonight Show attire – button-down shirt, tie and a suit jacket. My son was a huge hit and made lots of people smile. I think Mr. Fallon would be very proud!