15 Coolest DIY Kids' Halloween Costumes

15 Coolest DIY Kids’ Halloween Costumes

We’ve all been there. You ask your kid what they want to be for Halloween and they give you some long, complicated explanation of a costume that has never been made before and seems impossible for your own mind and hands to conjure up! That was me a couple of years ago when my youngest said he wanted to be a piece of pie for Halloween. I thought that costume was going to kill me, but it did turn out pretty cool! You can check it our {HERE}.

Before you ask your kid what they want to dress up as, why not take a gander at these 15 Coolest Kids’ Halloween Costumes to see if you could “suggest” a costume for them? I have costumes listed from super easy to more complicated. This way you can decided how much time, energy and creativeness you want to put into this costume that will only be worn once, maybe twice if your lucky. Good luck and happy creating!!

Super Simple (perfect for last-minute)

1. Jake from State Farm | BuzzFeed


2. DIY Emoji Costume | Costume Works


3. Last-Minute Beard Costume | Creative Bug


4. Root Beer Hair Costume | A Bowl of Pistachios in the Tardis


5. DIY Duct Tape Bug Costumes | Pink Stripey Stocks


Harder, but Hilarious

6. Gumball Machine Costume | ‘A Casarella


7. DIY Jimmy Fallon Costume | Cul-de-sac Cool


8. Ms. Pac-Man Costume | Costume Works


9. Rain Cloud Halloween Costume | Fairfield World


10. Corn on the Cobb Costume | IntoxiKate


Complicated, but Cool

11. DIY N0-Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume | Hello Wonderful


12. Giant Foam Head Frankenstein’s Monster Costume | Make


13. DIY French Fries Costume | Ivorygirl48


14. Cool Jet Pack Illusion Costume | Coolest Homemade Costumes


15. Hedwig the Snowy Owl Costume | Costume Works