10 Portraits of The Flu

10 Portraits of The Flu

So I’ve been sick the past 3 days. As I’m roaming through my Facebook feed for the thousandth time, I’ve notice everyone posting pics from the Google Arts & Culture App (iTunes, Google), where it pairs your selfie with a portrait from a museum. I thought I’d give it a try. With no makeup, no energy and coughing up a lung, I thought the results were…interesting :)! Enjoy!!

1. Umm, ok. She looks like she has the flu too, or the plague.

2. Hair on point. My bed-head, flu waves kind of resemble his lush curls if you squint.

3. I feel a kinship with Egbert. He understands how I feel…like crap.

4. Head of Phlegm meet Head of a Gentleman.

5. So hungry, but too tired to get up. I’m waiting for someone to feed me.

6. I can’t believe it either. I too am passionate about grapes just like this guy. 

7. The death stare always wins, Hans. How’s haunting your castle going?

8. Oh, Egbert, you popped up again. I can always count on your lovable, drunk face. Always.

9. Maude must be a mother of three boys who ignore her also when she is sick.

10. From one character to another, we need to shower, girlfriend.