DIY Poppin' Valentine's Day Cards for School

DIY Poppin’ Valentine’s Day Cards for School

It is my last year to make homemade Valentine’s Day school cards for my youngest. Next year he heads to middle school, so no more class parties. I’m a little sad, but not really!!! After 14 years of elementary school between my three boys, I’m ready to graduate from being a room mom. 

My youngest and I wanted to go out with a BANG! We thought up this adorable DIY Poppin’ Valentine’s Day Cards for School. Not only did we add a blow pop, but packaged it up in bubble wrap. Sorry, not sorry, teachers for all the poppin’!!!! Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!!

What you will need:


1. Download this 8.5X11 JPG files (click on picture then save to your hard drive):

2. Upload files to a photo center like or Resize to 8×10 and then order prints.


3. Print this PDF file {DIY Printable Poppin Valentines Day Card} at home onto card stock.

4. Cut out your Poppin Valentine card labels, fold them in half and then set aside. 

5. For the number of Valentine’s you are making, cut out strips of bubble wrap approximately 4″ wide x 7″ high. I had to make 28 Valentine’s (please send help, or wine), so I cut out 28 4×7″ strips.

6. Fold your bubble wrap strip in half and staple the sides closed, leaving the top open to make a little pouch. I used 2 staples per side.

7. Add your candy into the pouch then staple your Valentine card label over the top opening, sealing the candy in.

That’s it, you’ve made a Poppin’ Valentine Card! Now if you are like me, you have to make 27 more (whaaaaaaaa)!!!! I think they turned out super cute.