15 Coolest DIY Kids' Halloween Costumes -- Part 2

15 Coolest DIY Kids’ Halloween Costumes — Part 2

Whether you are planning to buy your kid a costume for Halloween this year or make one, deciding on what they wear is usually the hardest part. I always feel like I am pleading my costume case in the courtroom with a pint-sized judge!! I want cheap and easy. Mr. Judgy Pants wants expensive and complicated. We always seem to meet in the middle, thank goodness. 

To help plead your case this year I’ve compiled a list of 15 Coolest DIY Kids’ Halloween Costumes — Part 2. These fun and creative costumes range from super easy (parent approved) to more complicated (what the kid usually wants). I hope you can find your middle ground! Good luck!!

Super Simple (perfect for last-minute)

1. Dog Ballerina | Vintage Revivals

2. No-Sew Wolf Hoodie | Lia Griffith

3. Smartie Pants | Kristen Duke Photography

4. Wonder Woman | The Nifty Nest

5. Cardboard Frankenstein | Handmade by Kelly

Harder, but Hilarious

6. DIY Cactus Costume | Cul-de-sac Cool


7. Flamingo | Todays Parent

8. Refrigerator | FDF

9. Taco | Homemaker’s Habitat

10. Rain Cloud | Make It Love It

Complicated, but Cool

11. Cereal Bowl | Costume-Works

12. Knight | Lena Sekine

13. Llama | Oh Happy Day

14. Praying Mantis | Make

15. Sci-Fi Princess | The Hair Bow Company