Easy Zombie Mommy Costume

Easy Zombie Mommy Costume

Hey all you Zombie Mommies! I see you. I see the sleepy moms who have newborns or toddlers who are feeding or teething all night. I see the dreary-eyed moms that have teenagers who are waiting up late to make sure curfew is met. I see those tired moms who have early meetings then late games into the evening. 

Most every mom has been a Zombie Mommy a few times in her life. Why not celebrate this sleep-deprived look and be a Zombie Mommy for Halloween? It really isn’t that much of a stretch, am I right? Below you will find everything you need: an easy Zombie makeup tutorial from TATUM H MAKEUP, a shirt and hat from my Zazzle shop: CuldesacCoolShop, and some cute boots! Viola, your costume is done, so go take a nap while you can! Happy Halloween!!

Zombie Make-up: For the full makeup tutorial go here: TATUM H MAKEUP

Use any foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB Cream that you have, Rubie’s Cream Makeup (white), Translucent Powder,  BYS 12 Shade Matte Eyeshadow Palette (any black and brown matte eye shadows–no shimmer), Red Lipstick or red lip liner

T-Shirt: Zombie Mommy T-shirt

Hat: Zombie Mommy Trucker Hat

Boots: NORTY Women’s Hurricane Wellie: Rose Skulls Black