The Grumpy Tooth Fairy

The Grumpy Tooth Fairy

I’ve kind of been busy lately. You know when you get an idea, a little light bulb goes off and all you can think about is that little idea? Well, my little idea has been born! May I introduce to the world, my new addition called The Grumpy Tooth Fairy. Don’t worry, I’ll still be over here keeping things running with Cul-de-sac Cool, but I will be splitting my time between these two sister sites.

If you are a parent of young kids you know how hard it is to stay on top of being The Tooth Fairy at home. The Grumpy Tooth Fairy is here to help parents keep the Tooth Fairy magic alive for their kiddos. Through the Shop, parents can download enchanting digital files to print at home or send to a photo center. A few of the digital files that can be purchased are The Lost Tooth Certificate of Record, a Lost Tooth Receipt from the Tooth Fairy, the Yo Tooth Fairy I Lost My Tooth Door Hanger and many, many more.

The Grumpy Tooth Fairy also offers FREE Video Diaries for parents to show their kids to make their Tooth Fairy experience even more special…and to maybe help cover-up some parental mishaps (wink, wink). Want to really knock your kid’s socks off? Order a Personalized Tooth Fairy Video from the Tooth Fairy or a Personalized Tooth Fairy Letter.

So, please go check out my new baby here: The Grumpy Tooth Fairy. I would love it if you could help me get the word out about the site. Feel free to follow The Grump herself here: Facebook, Instagram, Printerest, Twitter, YouTube, and subscribe to The Grumpy Tooth Fairy site HERE to receive notifications of new posts, products and videos directly to your inbox.

Let me know what you think!!!