Halloween Charades Game

Halloween Charades Game

Time to put those creepy acting skills to work playing Halloween Charades! Appropriate for older kiddos 4th grade – 100 years.

What you will need:


1. Print out your DIY Printable Halloween Charades. Click on photo below, save to your computer and print. Cut out each of the Halloween charades and place them in a bucket.

How to Play:

1. Split the group into 2 teams. Team A will pick one player as the actor. This player will draw a charade and will then have a specified amount of time to act out the charade and have the other team members guess.

2. If Team A doesn’t guess the right answer before the timer ends, then Team B gets one guess for the correct answer.

3. Team B goes next.

3. Remember, in charades there is no talking and no props allowed. Just use your fantastic acting skills!