My New Passion - Fiber Art

My New Passion – Fiber Art

If you haven’t notice lately, the website looks a bit different. Through this last year I have discovered a new passion for Fiber Art. In the beginning of the pandemic I started following fiber artists on Instagram. Some of my favorite artists are: @mochablue.fiberart, @novamercury, @theeddylineco. I was amazed at the beautiful woven art they made on their looms. I was inspired and wanted to cheer people up during this crazy time so I began making my yarn art signs. People seemed to like my signs and I sold several.

My next step in my obsession with yarn was getting a loom. I didn’t want to spend money on a loom incase: 1) I wasn’t good at weaving and 2) I didn’t like it. So I brainstormed and looked around my house to find something I could make a loom out of. I stumbled upon a baking cooling rack that my husband uses to cool his yummy cookies when he bakes. I thought to myself, “Oh, he won’t miss this rack!” I found some wire cutters and started cutting the end wires of the cooling rack and bending them up. I did this all along the top of the cooling rack and the bottom. Now I had something to wrap my warp thread around to start weaving! It isn’t an ideal loom, but it worked and got me started and hooked on weaving. I literally watched tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram to learn the different weaving techniques. I’ve been weaving ever since!

After several weavings on my makeshift lap loom I discovered that I LOVED making fiber art and that I wasn’t half bad. The next step was to buy a bigger loom and really get working.

I’ve been weaving for about 10 months now and still love it. There is still so much I need to learn. Every weaving is like a puzzle–trying to figure out what story the fiber wants to tell. I have my Etsy shop: CuldesacCool where you can see what is for sale. I love doing customs so message me if you are interested. I also have a Fiber Art Gallery on this website where you can browse through examples of past and present wall hangings.

So, I won’t be posting as much about school party games and recipies on this site, but I will still post an occasional DIY craft and lots about Fiber Art. Don’t worry, all my old posts will still be here on the blog for you to hunt down for reference. Thanks for being on this journey with me. Remember me when you need that special gift for someone or you need to gift yourself something special!! P.S. Follow me on Instagram @culdesaccool!