I've Had it With the Tooth Fairy!

I’ve Had it With the Tooth Fairy!

My youngest of three, EB, is losing teeth left and right. Unfortunately for EB, my Tooth Fairy wings are dusty and rusty and my Tooth Fairy brain is old and tired. I sometimes need a little prodding and reminding to get the job done.

EB came downstairs this morning and said, “I’ve had it with the Tooth Fairy. For the second day she forgot to leave money and she took my tooth.”

“Give the Tooth Fairy a break,” I say, “It’s summer and she’s probably on vacation.” Inside my head I’m thinking, “Crap, crap, crap!”

While Cartoon Network is distracting EB, I excuse myself and grab some money from my purse. I also grab a pen, torn sheet of paper and an envelope and book it to EB’s room. I quickly set the scene. I find the tooth in the baggie that fell behind his bed. I jot a quick note from Miss Forgetful Fairy and tucked it between the bed frame and his mattress. I call down to cranky pants, “Come to your room! The Tooth Fairy WAS here!”

EB bounds up the stairs and into his room. I point to the envelope. “Yes!” he declares as he jumps up and down. “She did come!”

Another mission complete for this Tooth Fairy and another notch on my older, yet inventive, wings.