Dear Invisible Walkway, You Can't Hide Anymore

Dear Invisible Walkway, You Can’t Hide Anymore

Guess what I did this Labor Day? I actually labored! Let me share a letter I wrote to our Invisible Walkway…

Dear Invisible Walkway,

I know you are shy and don’t want to make waves in the backyard. I get it. You’ve got that old, bossy deck with its crooked steps staring at you. Even though he can’t see you, he senses you. He’s very observant. Then you have that darn, spunky Sport Court always playing soccer and basketball. Sport Court is such a jock, he can’t see you unless you have a net around your neck. Deck and Sport Court hate each other too. I’m sorry you are stuck between these two with all their razzing and put-downs towards each other.

Well, Invisible Walkway, your day has come. You have special powers inside of you that I’m going to tell you about. You are the bridge that will connect old Deck to newer Sport Court. Through your powers of mediation, you will not only reconnect these two, but you will be the bridge for the family so their feet won’t get wet when it’s raining and muddy.

Trust your instincts and let your pavers shine. Wow, Invisible Walkway, oh, I mean Paver Walkway, you have done it! After that intense session outside today on Labor Day, you are no longer invisible. You are now a sleek, well designed DIY Paver Walkway. I’m so proud of you. Deck told me he appreciates you stopping all the mud getting on him and Sport Court asked me for your number. He thinks your cute.

Maybe one day your cousin Paver Patio will come and visit us, but until then, we will all enjoy following the path you have made.

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