12 Coolest Easter Party Games -- Part 2

12 Coolest Easter Party Games — Part 2

Do you need to keep your little bunnies busy at your home, school or church Easter festivities? You can’t go wrong with these 12 Coolest Easter Party Games — Part 2! From preschoolers all the way to 6th graders, your kids will have an eggcellent time! Enjoy!!


1. Pin the Face on the Bunny

DIY Printable Pin the Face on the Bunny

DIY Printable Pin the Face on the Bunny Page 2

What you will need:

Directions: Cut an oval head shape out of the white poster board. This will be the bunny’s head that all the face parts get placed on. Print and cut out your Pin the Face on the Bunny pieces. Using painter’s tape, tape the bunny head onto the wall. Blindfold the first player. Guide them to the table that has the bunny face pieces laid out and tell them to choose one. Add painter’s tape to the back of the piece they choose then guide them in front of the bunny head and tell them to Pin the Face on the Bunny. Each person takes a turn. Beware of giggles!! The kids will get a kick out of the finished wacky bunny face!

2. Stack ’em Don’t Crack ’em

What you will need:

  • Plastic eggs (a lot of them!)

Directions: Dump out and open all of your plastic eggs. Take turns stacking an “egg half” on top of the existing pile. Continue until your stack falls over or “cracks”. This game can easily be modified to focus on different concepts: sequencing, counting, color identification, etc. Originally from ToddlerApproved.com {here}.

Inflatable Easter Bunny Ears Rabbit hat Ring Toss party Game from Amazon

3. Easter Egg Plinko Game

What you will need:

  • Large cardboard box
  • bag of plastic Easter eggs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Balls

Directions: Place your cardboard box vertically with all the sides open. See a picture {here}. Pull apart all the plastic easter eggs. Glue the halved  Easter eggs to the back of the box. At the bottom, add three slots to catch the ball. Label the slots with a point value. Prop the game up against a bench, then drop the ball and see where it lands. Decide how many turns each player gets. Add up your points as you go. Person with the most points wins. Originally from YourTherapySource.com {here}.

4. Feed the Bunny

What you will need:

  • Make a paper bag bunny puppet, simple directions {here}
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Orange marker
  • Green marker
  • Thin black marker or pen

Directions: To make the game pieces, cut 8 squares out of your white paper. Draw different shapes on the squares with your orange marker. These are your carrots. With a green marker draw the leafy part on top of each carrot then with a thin black marker or pen draw horizontal lines on them to make them look more like a carrot. To Play: Lay out all the carrots and put the bunny puppet on your hand. In a goofy bunny voice, have the bunny ask the child for a certain shape of carrot. The child finds that shape and then puts it into the bunny’s “mouth” and pretends to eat it. Set the used cards in a pile off to the side and have the next person feed the bunny! To make it harder, make game pieces with numbers 1-8. For example one card may have a 4 on it. Using simple addition, ask the kids to find the carrot with answer to the problem 2+2. When they find the #4 carrot, have them feed the bunny. Originally from LittleFamilyFun.com {here}.


5. Funny Bunny Mad Lib

Funny Bunny Mad Lib

What you will need:

Directions: Have the children partner up. Hand one partner the Funny Bunny Mad Lib. Without reading the letter, have the first partner ask their partner to tell them a word to fill in the blank. Once the blanks are filled, have the kids read the letter aloud. Giggles are mandatory!

6. Egg Wrestling 

What you will need:

  • eggs (raw or hardboiled, 1 per person)
  • sharpies
  • big bowl(s)

Directions: Decorate your “wrestler” eggs with sharpies. Get creative. Each player holds their egg. The first two players meet over the bowl. Count to three then begin wrestling by hitting their eggs together over the bowl. Whoever has the egg that doesn’t break is the wins the battle. Everyone battles once and then the winners battle each other. Last egg unbroken is the winner! Originally from FamilyVolley.com {here}.

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7. Easter Basket Memory

What you will need:

  • Easter basket loaded with Easter things like little stuffed animals, plastic eggs, candy, money, carrots, fruit, and small toys, etc.
  • Piece of paper (for everyone)
  • Pencil (for everyone)

Directions: Can be played as teams, pairs or individually. Give them a few minutes to look at all the items in the basket. Next remove the basket and they need to write down the items they remember in the basket. Another variation is to remove only one item and teams take turns guessing as to which item is missing. If one team can’t name the item, the other team can steal the point by getting it right. Originally from GrandparentsPlus.com {here}.

8. Egg Roll

What you will need:

  • Hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs for each person

Directions: Divide kids into two teams. Have the first people of each team place an egg on the floor at a starting line and roll their eggs using only their noses all the way to the finish line. Then the next person in line for each team goes until everyone has had a turn. The first team to finished wins. Originally from PremeditativeLeftovers.com {here}.


9. Easter Pictionary

Easter Pictionary Word List

What you will need:

Directions: Print the Pictionary Easter list. Cut each item out and fold in half. Place in a bowl or hat. Select a person to draw first. That person selects a folded paper out of the bowl/hat and must draw that item. The group tries to guess the name of the item from the drawing. No speaking, sound effects or gestures allowed. The person who guesses correctly gets to be the drawer next. Make sure everyone gets a turn.

10. Bunny Tag

What you will need:

  • Scarf or scrap of fabric for each person

Directions: Each person has a “tail” (scarf). The tail is pushed into the waist of their shorts or pants so that the scarf is hanging out in back. The person that is “it” has to tag them by grabbing the “tail”. Kids then switch places and the new person that is “it” repeats the same. Originally from GrandparentsPlus.com {here}.

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11. Jelly Bean Rattle

What you will need:

  • 4 2-liter empty soda bottles (2 per team)
  • 4 bags of Jelly Beans

Directions: Fill 2 2-liter bottles with 2 bags of jelly beans each. Have your group partner up. Partners compete against each other. Hand a jelly bean filled bottle and an empty bottle to the first set of partners. They try to shake the jelly beans out of one bottle into an empty bottle without spilling. The person that gets the most jelly beans into their second bottle within 60 seconds wins. The next group goes until everyone has had a turn.

12. Egg Hunt Race

What you will need:

  • Easter eggs (filled or not filled, atlas 1-2 per person)
  • Baskets or bags for collecting (1 per team)

Directions: Hide eggs over a large area. Have teams line up on the starting line. When the whistle blows, one player from each team runs to find an egg, but are only allowed to grab one at a time. Once they have one egg, they then run back to the starting point where they tag the next person in their team. That person then finds one egg, and the switching continues until all eggs are found. Each egg found is worth 1 point. Team with the most points (eggs) wins. Originally from FynesDesign.com {here}.

Don’t forget to check out 12 Coolest Kid Easter Party Games — Part 1! Do you have any great Easter kid games that you love? Please share with me below in comments!!

12 Coolest Kid Easter Party Games Part 2