10 Reasons I Love Homecoming

10 Reasons I Love Homecoming

This last weekend was my sons’ high school Homecoming dance. Both my teens, #1Son and #2Son went. Here are 10 Reasons I Love Homecoming…

10 Reasons Why I Love Homecoming 1

  1. I love Homecoming because I got to go clothes shopping–a sport I excel at.
  2. I love Homecoming because it’s a great opportunity to teach my sons about how to treat a young woman–opening the door for her, including her in the conversation, not stepping on her toes while doing the Whip/Nae Nae.
  3. I love Homecoming because I was able to have a lengthy corsage conversation with one son after he asked, “What’s that flower thing we have to buy?”
  4. I love Homecoming because once the corsages were bought, both boys were obsessed about not forgetting the corsages. This is mind-boggling when these boys forget everything!!
  5. I love Homecoming because both boys discovered that the girls dominate Homecoming planning.
  6. I love Homecoming because of pocket squares. I never thought they would be so into pocket squares–be still my heart.
  7. I love Homecoming because there are no practice jerseys or stinky sneakers involved.
  8. I love Homecoming because both boys realized how expensive the whole evening was going to be and wanted to eat dinner at a cheaper place, but they had to concede because the girls had other plans (see #5).
  9. I love Homecoming because we got some great pictures of our boys with smiles. As some of you know, a photo of your teen with a smile is hard-to-come-by and PRICELESS! 
  10. Most of all, I love Homecoming because it is over. 🙂

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