The Best of Cul-de-sac Cool in 2015

The Best of Cul-de-sac Cool in 2015

My 2015 was filled with laughs, soccer, crafts, my hubby’s car accident, a trip to England, basketball, my hubby winning a Harley, ups, downs, turns and twists. It wasn’t an easy year, but a year that taught me to embrace the time we have together, because each day is a gift.

My gift to you is my yearly “Cliff Notes” of my website. Below are the top posts from 2015 for each of my categories here at Cul-de-sac Cool. Perfect reading for those nights you can’t sleep (guaranteed to put you asleep) or some light reading during your youngest’ concert (shhh, I won’t tell).  Thanks for sticking around and reading my blog. It’s because of all of you that I keep my glue gun prepped and my computer charged. Enjoy, hug your family, take a trip, wear your seatbelt, be creative and have a Happy New Year!!

The top post in COOL DIY for 2015:

10 Coolest Halloween Couples Costumes Part 4 Collage

 The top post in EASY EATS for 2015:

DIY Hot Cocoa Gift Set 17 b

The top post in FAB FAMILY for 2015:

12 Coolest Holiday School Party Games Part 4 cover

The top post in MODERN MOM PROVERBS for 2015:

Modern Mom Proverb #178 Tea Cup

The top post in MUSINGS for 2015:

summer basketball camp 2

The top post in PRINT ME for 2015:

DIY Printable Luggage Tags 'London Calling'