DIY Candy Sleigh - A Cool Way to Give Gift Cards or Cash

DIY Candy Sleigh – A Cool Way to Give Gift Cards or Cash

I’m always looking for fun, clever, and usually last-minute ways to give gift cards or cash gifts. I have three boys and loads of nephews who seem to always want gift cards or cash for Christmas. Instead of just handing over a wad of cash or an impersonal gift card, I wanted to make a candy sleigh to showcase their loot. This is so easy to do and will surely help me, and you too, gain the title “Best Gift-Giver EVAH!” These candy sleighs would also make adorable place cards for a holiday meal or as a take home gift. 

Good luck gifting this year and Happy Holidays!

What you will need:

  • 1 Kit Kat (or similar sized bar)
  • 1 Cliff Bar (or similar sized bar)
  • 2 Candy Canes
  • Gift card, Gift Certificate or Cash
  • 2 Holiday Pipe Cleaners
  • Scotch tape


1. Place your Kit Kat bar on top of your Cliff Bar. Wrap a pipe cleaner around both bars (long side). Twist both ends of the pipe cleaner together to secure.

2. Flip your bars over. Slide both candy canes between the pipe cleaner and your bars. Use tape to secure the candy canes to the bars. 

3. Flip back over. You now have a sleigh! Slide you gift card or cash under the pipe cleaner on top of the bars. Using your other pipe cleaner, wrap around the bars and gift card or cash (short side), twisting ends together to secure on top. Now your sleigh looks like a present!